Revolutionising the Alternative
Investment Funds industry

An advanced regulatory and technological solution that provides a fast go-to-market tool for alternative funds.

Powerful B2B solution for the
Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) industry

A EU compliant solution for the AIF and ELTIF (European Long Term Investment Fund) market



Access to the AIF industry.



Liquidity to the AIF industry through our secondary marketplace.



All industry players interacting through a single platform.

A €6 trillion market in expansion

Alternative assets have demonstrated a long-term ability to deliver attractive returns through different market cycles.

Net Assets of European Alternative Investment Funds (in € trillion)
Net Assets of European Alternative Investment Funds (in € trillion) €5,5 tn €5,9 tn 2018 2017 2016 €6 tn Net Assets of European Alternative Investment Funds (in € trillion) €5,5 tn 2016 €5,9 tn 2017 2018 €6 tn

Funds in a Box addresses AIFs industry challenges providing a B2B solution for Fundraising and Secondary Market

Industry challenges

High complexity

High complexity

Investments require market expertise and strong networks to find quality opportunities Deal structures are often so complicated.

Lack of liquidity

Lack of liquidity

It takes a lot of time to return capital to investors (rarely exits before 5-7 years).

High entry tickets

High entry tickets

Commitments of more than 100k€ per single investment with a high risk of uncover diversification.

What offers our platform



Raise capital and elevate your profile
  • B2B full service solution, helping funds to raise capital and also manage their own investor base.
  • Retail Investors will get access to a new industry (AIF / ELTIF) that traditionally was focused on professional and institutional investors.

Secondary Market

First EU platform that provides liquidity for the existing AIF / ELTIF industry.
  • Disruption in an “illiquid” industry, making these assets more attractive for new investors.
  • Our platform connects buyers and sellers through our distribution network.
  • Investors can trade their positions in an easy and efficient way.

A wide range of categories

Different investment opportunities across different geographies and specialties.
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Natural Resources
  • Luxury
  • Venture Capital (VC)
  • Fund of Funds (FoF)
  • Debt
  • And more…

B2B Distribution model

Digital Partners of our clients.
  • We grow and transform together, offering a B2B platform that connect distributors and funds free from any conflict of interests.
  • Focus on process efficiency meaning simplification, automation, agility and flexibility.
  • Full support across the Value Chain, from the front to the back, helping you through all the complex issues of the traditional AIFs industry.

Open architecture

Plug and play solution.
  • Time to market as a value thanks to an easy integration with your systems (solution based on standard industry protocols)
  • Modular and scalable solution that allows to customise our platform to each client
  • Reliability, Trust, Continuity and Security.
  • Our structure and architecture manage all the compliance and administrative processes

ELTIF oriented solution

Bring alternative funds to the retail market by leveraging the new EU regulation (ELTIF).
  • Attract and engage a new investor segment
  • Generate portfolios with lower risk and better yield
  • ELTIFs are EU Passport funds that facilitate investments in multiple countries.
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